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Portable Basketball Stand (Acrylic Board)

Price: $680 with delivery

Adjustable height from 2.25m-3.05m



Deluxe Electronic Dartboard

Price: $258 with delivery

26 games with 193 variations
For up to 8 players
Sound and music effects
Suitable for soft-tip darts
LED displays

Players :8
Game/Variations :26/193
Option button :9
Double in/Double out :Yes/Yes
Bounce Out/Dart Out :Yes/No
Sound :Yes
Volume Adjust :No
Handicapping Option :Yes
Hold/Start :Yes
Check Score :Yes
Cricket Display Window :LED
Digital Display :3
Team Play/Solitaire :Yes/No
Sleep/Wake Up Option :Yes
Against Computer Option :No
A/C Adapter/Style :Yes/As Per Requirement
Battery Option :No
Certificate :CE/RoHS

Dartboard Material :Plastics
Dartboard’s print colors/PMS :Red/Green/Tan/Black
Dartboard-Printed words :As Per Requirement
Dartboard’s number :Plastic
Dartboard’s spider :Plastic
Darts :12pcs 16gram soft-tip darts +100pcs plastic tips
Hanging Bracket :Yes-2 each
Hardware parts :4 x 30mm TA screw – 2each

Side Apron(Frame) :Plastics
End Apron(Frame) :Plastics
Doors(Material) :MDF
Backboard :No
Corner :No
Darts Rack :Wood
Hinge :Metal(brass electronplated)

Assembly Instructions :Yes(Instruction Book)
Packaging :Full Color Box
Master Pack :2per master carton



Bravo Coin Operated Dart Machine

Price: $1,880 with delivery

Dart mat + 100pcs darts + 500pcs soft tips + installation

Soft-tips electronic dartboard technology
International tournament system(15-3/4″ target dim)
Automatic scoring system
Automatic coin-contrast sensor system for each different coin value, coin/credit

adjustment or multi-coin coin selector for 6 different coins simultaneously
High quality announcer’s voice and sound effect system
Program setup system
Easy Program option for business owners and personal players
9 games for 4 players and teams.(01 games and Cricket games)
Bull’s-eye score free setup for 50 or 25
Dart out leading system
Cyber fun games for solo player
3 LED strips highlight the target
2 stereo speakers
CE Marking Certificate
one year warranty

Spare parts(standard package) :User’s manual in English, Assembly accessories, 2 keys,

24pcs, soft-tip bar darts, 150pcs spare soft-tips
Product size :L60cm x W18cm x H77.2cm
Packing carton size :L67cm x W25cm x H87
N.Weight :16.5Kgs
G.Weight : 20Kgs

Address:51 Bukit Batok Crescent, #03-03 Unity Centre, Singapore 658077(by appointment only). Tel:+65 9853 8177 (Ron)