About Us

about us

our story

We understand that sports and recreational activities serve different purposes to various individuals. Some may be returning to it while others have just started. No matter where you are, sports accessories should not be intimating nor difficult to use. We hope to provide affordable easy-to-use sports accessories that is enough to get you going.

our vision

Become an efficient and competitive sporting accessories retailer worldwide

our mission

To develop a successful business by providing a range of quality accessories for sports and recreational activities, with favourable level of service to meet the needs of our customers.

our values

Team spirit

We share common goals.

We share common responsibility to obtain business results. All our strategic achievements and downfalls are from shared goals which unite us.


We continue to scale to greater heights.

Challenging the status quo and constantly move forward allows us to understand our industry. We predict changes and evaluate external factors that influence trends in the competitive business environment.


We are in for the long run, and not only for today.

Sustainable success is important. We embrace change and drive innovation for the greater good of our business. We continue to seek for the industry's ‘best practices’ and benchmark ourselves against the top.

Focus on Results

We manage by objectives and results.

Our actions are focused on achieving a meaningful concrete result. We constantly work to improve on productivity and seek to improve for our future.